HUD Compliance Consulting 

Whether you are looking to reconcile a previous compliance issue, or want to proactively mitigate potential issues, we can help. Our extensive background and experience in affordable housing informs the array of services we offer to keep projects on track and in line with HUD’s requirements. We can work directly with you to determine your specific needs or provide you with the following services:

  • Tenant Selection Plan Writing 

  • Monthly Tenant Vouching with Tracks

  • Wait List Management (Opening and Closing)

  • Implementing House Rules

  • Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan

  • HAP Contract Negotiating 

  • Annual OCAF and AAF Increases

  • Annual Utility Allowance Consumption Study 

  • REAC Inspections

  • Management Reviews

  • Annual Recertification

  • EIV Process and Procedure