Records & Correspondence

Maintenance of accurate, accessible files, records, and financial books to ensure each property is running smoothly
and efficiently, including:

  • Maintain up-to-date records of all pertinent building information and homeowner contact information
  • Archive all financial records from previous seven years in accordance with GAAP
  • Process tenant applications via the preparation, distribution, and review of applications and supporting documents
  • Perform background checks
  • Follow up on references and obtain credit, employment, and other reports on prospective residents to determine if applicants meet property standards and guidelines 
  • Communicate and manage procedures for move-ins and move-outs
  • Enforce House Rules and Architectural Control 

Other Services...

Property Management

  • Perform regular on-site property inspections to evaluate both short term maintenance needs as well as provide strategic long term preventative recommendations 
  • Schedule and oversee routine and emergency on-site maintenance and repairs, follow up on work orders and implementation of preventative maintenance plans
  • Collect and review bids for common area maintenance and reserve projects 
  • Coordinate contractor logistics to expedite work schedules and minimize disruptions to residents
  • Negotiate and retain contracts and services from our large network of preferred vendors and partners to ensure the most favorable pricing for services including: Utilities, Building Services, Auditing, and Fire Equipment
  • Collaborate with consultants and engineers hired by the association
  • Recruit, hire, train, and supervise all on-site personnel
  • Assist in processing insurance claims for the Association 

HUD Compliance Consulting

  • Tenant Selection Plan Writing 
  • Monthly Tenant Vouching with Tracks
  • Wait List Management (Opening and Closing)
  • Implementing House Rules
  • Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
  • HAP Contract Negotiating 
  • Annual OCAF and AAF Increases
  • Annual Utility Allowance Consumption Study 
  • REAC Inspections
  • Management Reviews
  • Annual Recertification
  • EIV Process and Procedure

Financial Services

  • Timely and informative financial accounting
  • Carefully monitored annual operating budgets and development of long term capital budgets
  • Efficient and accurate annual financial reports for your board including analysis of expenditures and cost-saving recommendations 
  • Daily tracking, and monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • Customized, easy to understand financial statements, that provide an overview of money collected and spent, including: Balance sheet, Income statement, Monthly expenses , Expense variances collected , Outstanding dues , Outstanding invoices, Delinquency collection
  • Compliance with annual association audits via the provision of accurate and detailed financial records to auditor
  • On-site personnel payroll and expense tracking